Teacher Training

Our yoga school; aims to bring the yogic values to the old and traditional purity taught by yogis of Himalayan masters.

Thus, our Yoga School is a bridge between a pure and traditional form and a contemporary form of yoga and meditation learning.

Our aim is to teach yoga in the most accurate way and to spread the message to maximum person. Our yoga school aims to restore the old purity of the magical technique originally taught by the Himalayan guru. We combine old yogic forms and contemporary style to bring the two worlds together.

You can learn yoga and live with principles without giving up on your current lifestyle. We have a deep understanding and knowledge of the concept of yoga as it was practiced before. With teachers and gurus who are always practicing and constantly learning how to practice yoga, we can help you understand the true value of this old practice and create a positive change in your life.

Our mission is to spread peace, health and joy that can be achieved through yoga.

With us, you can learn how Yoga can lead the individual to a healthy body and life in all aspects of life, as well as how yogic philosophy can help protect a peaceful mind and a calm soul.


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