Yogic teachings and practices have been verified by the scientific community. Over the last half of the 20th and this 21st century people have taken yogic learning little seriously and apply the yogic principles in their day-to-day lives. However it is seen that people have more interest in the physical aspects of yoga, it is may be due to their awareness is limited to the physical contents of the personality. 

Today as there is growing a physical awareness in society there can be seen an awareness growing towards to inner contents of people’s personality. But still today there need to be cultivated such inner awareness by the educated people-professors, doctors, philosophers, scientists and politicians since they are the central force of a society and all other people believe and follow their words. 

Today, it is seen that an abundant of people from all over the world have started learning yoga as their profession and they use it an earning tool. Because of which the purpose of yoga as it set originally have changed. The author of the Yoga-sutras mentions several time the purpose of yoga as the kaivalya, liberation or total freedom. 

Our Yoga School, Gurudwara Ashram in İstanbul, Turkey  offers the yoga courses to fulfil both purposes of yoga; awakening of the inner and outer awareness through the teaching and science of yogis of the Himalayas.
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