GURUDWARA : The gate of the master

This gate is the path to awakening, enlightenment and inner freedom. Its purpose of enlightenment can be defined as the sudden awakening and realization of the nature of one’s existence.

According to Gurudwara, in our age, the increase in problems like poverty, sickness, violence, war and our suffering is due to the fact that we consciously choose not to live in accordance with our spiritual contract that keeps our physical bodies alive.

We, as human beings, are egocentric and selfish. We refuse cooperation. Talking continuously about ourselves, we act as if there are no higher purposes in life. Lost in our seperated complexity, we remain unaware of the perfect spiritual model that is already inherent in us.

If we truly want our today to be different from yesterday, we need to act in a different way. Those who long for a New Life need to change and be new people.



Our philosophy is based on the notion that each individual is a holistic being. A holistic being possesses a harmonious togetherness of mind, body and spirit. Thus, it is of no surprise that a perfect health can only be achieved with a healthy mind and body. This functions as a golden bridge for the individual to find his/her spiritual path. Since we are aware of the fact that there are many paths to spiritual enlightenment, we accept any belief/faith that has a total acceptance of existence without any expectations. In addition to being aware of the significance of spiritual diversity, we support love, peace, forgiveness, self-trust, responsibility and self-sacrifice. However different these values and individual paths may be, they all enable us to create a natural balance and sacred connection to a new life and therefore to truth.

In the mystery of life, there lies eternal patience and attention/concentration to manifest all its potential. Without the willingness and the support of individuals, a new life cannot exist as a whole, in its totality. Evolution is always moving ahead but its origins are never forgotten; there is nothing that gets lost along its way.

The first question that a new man, who has the purpose of leading a spiritual life, should ask himself/herself: The mystery of life has found a way to manifest its mystery through me. That is why I am here. Am I acting in harmony with that mystery?



Our mission is to convey Alternative Life Classes that has been created by the holistic approach and developed by us in an integrated mind , body and soul in a helpful and affectionate environment for people .

We believe that our mission is both a promise and a purpose. For this reason, we keep attached to our mission 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year.  

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