Gurudwara Ashram, teaches the ancient knowledge and practical disciplines of the Himalayan’s Great Yogis’ Meditation Tradition by contemporary contents. Himalayan tradition includes many ways of meditation which provides achievement to the essence of everything, life source, consciousness and felicity.  


In our Ashram: 

Hatha yoga is being taught as a meditation content. 

Meditation and meditation practices are some of the main disciplines.  

As Swami Rama taught; practices, use Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Tantra and Kundalini as a source and are taught according to the seeker’s state.  

Inscriptions like Bhagavat Gita, Upanishads are taught as meditation practice contents. 


These creeds are perceived at Samadhi – self conscious state. That is why, they lead the way to Samadhi and their meanings can be comprehended by deep meditation perception. 

Spiritual seekers are helped to get self-transformation needed for cognition of actual-selves that are the life purpose and highest enthusiasm.  

Students are supported and educated to become a teacher of tradition, leader and spiritual guide when they regard as an inseparable part of their spiritual journey and make effort to themselves and to the road by making a sacrifice.  

Besides, there are other different practical programmes and other self-study combinations & Seva (selfless service).

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