The meaning of Satsang is ‘reality’ (sat) and ‘togetherness’ (sang). The spirit in company with reality, spontenously rises high. The master desires all of his followers to join theese spiritual talk –Satsang- meetings that take place weekly or even daily.

At these communions, Master’s teachings can be obtained as video or voice records or readings. These data develop spiritual understanding and clarify possible suspicions or misunderstandings.

Masters tell us Satsangs, works as a protective fence around the sacred seed of spirituality that will start developing and blooming despite our intense life within family, work and society.  There are some benefits of being together with followers on the spiritual path. In this way, we can support each other’s point of view. Because generally, the world objects to the way we choose. Similar to meetings of bussinesspeople, conferences of physicians, sports clubs of sporters; followers also come together for Satsang and Meditation. At meetings of Satsang we both gain strength and enlarge the love for God and for each other.

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