Second Spring Yoga, not for a decreasing quality of life, hence getting exhausted in years; but for an increasing quality of life with increasing age.



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Instructor : LAJJà



Since 1999, she is a fellow-traveller with Nazmi Gür whom she has chosen as a Guru to herself and has aimed to walk together.

After she met her Guru, with her first bioenergy session her life has completely changed. With her increased awareness she started to follow Alternative Life Lessons. At that time, her experiences and comprehensions upon people’s behaviour has improved clearly.

She studied Integral and Gurudwara Yoga with Nazmi Gür and Sivananda Yoga with Shelly Kerry. She had done Zazen for a while. She studied Tai Chi for a period of time with Ahmet Özkan, the first and currently the only Chen style Tai Chi instructor in Turkey.  

These awareness and healing studies which goes on for many years, brought her together with contemporary meditation under the guidance of her Guru. They shared Dynamic, Kundalini, breathing and directive meditation together. 

She had continued Osho Studio paralel to all her studies for 2 years. She did Osho meditations, she had ‘Meditation and Fascilitator’ education from Maneesha James who is Osho’s close friend and sanyasin. 

She got the Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Trainer certificate from James Collins, one of the educators of  Brightligt, and started giving lessons for pregnancy and post-natal period. Lastly, she got YA RYT 200 document from Yoga Vidya Mandiram.

She has given the name Lajja by her  Guru. She works as Meditation fascilitator, Gurudwara yoga instructor and perinatal yoga instructor within Gurudwara ashram.










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