Many of us has met ‘stress’ which is the very last product of the modern age, moreover we’ve got addicted to it.

But the rest of us still is not aware of what is befalling, they deny the existence of what their experiences reveal in their soul and their body, or try to run away by ignoring.

Modern-day scientists describe stress as ‘a situation which shows up when an organism’s physical or spiritual borders are threatened or pushed’.

In recent years, stress has become one of the biggest reasons of health problems.

One of the inevitable results of stress, which effects both our psychology and behaviour, are diseases.

According to the specialists, changes within the body shows up immediately when under stress.

And if the stress sustains, these effects become chronic and start to damage us.

When the physical, spiritual and behavioral signs are taken in consideration, we may face lots of different diseases in short or long term.

The differences firstly occur in our mentality and our attitude against life, later they reflect on our behaviour.

When the change is not stopped, then it transforms into spiritual and physical illnesses.

The only way to do it; to protect happiness, health and inner-peace, is being positive.

And the way to be positive starts from positive thinking.

Nowadays, those are the things that are being told behind closed doors to businessmen, uber-directors, sportsmen, politicians, artists and thinking people in workshops.

A good education in expensive, exotic schools, good references, experiences may guarantee success for some time at work. A good career at work naturally eases to gain a seat at social life too.

But DOES NOT GUARANTEE being healthy, happy and peaceful.

 What is more, struggle against losing the existing position, fights for protection of acquirements, stresses the one out according to the rules of brutal capitalism and makes even more unhappy.

World’s leading businessmen, directors, Hollywood stars, musicians, actors pay a price by losing their happiness, health  and inner-peace, for the stress they have in direct proportion to their existing position.

The ones who can not find a way out  for a new life, can become helpless even if they are ready to lose more than they earned in order to have them again.

The ones who have not meet yoga yet, may feel desperate or suppose that problems are insoluble.

But it is impossible not to realize the change when you make room for yoga in your life. Yoga is a system of information that is formed as the centerline of breath, stence and concentration.

Gurudwara yoga is formed by it’s founder Nazmi Gurudwara, by eclectically combining his experiences with Sivananda, Entegral and  Yin Yoga styles within Hatha Yoga system which he learned during his own spiritual journey. It is developed as a very smooth, fluent, clear and deep method and it helps the students to make changes for whatever they want in their life and to know themselves…

When Gurudwara Yoga practice ,which is formed eclectically by combining and improving the subtile, archaic techniques within Hatha Yoga system, is started to be performed with realizing it’s therapeutic effects, it becomes an ideal form of practice for everyone who wants to get rid of mental stress and physical stress on body.

The practice starts with relaxing the body and nervous system by pranayama and energy techniques and the body stretches with poses that are slow, soft but deep. Forward bends ease the mind, elongate the spine and open the back; back bends expand the chest wall and have positive effects on different and depressive moods that modern life impose upon people.

In Savasana, where you can seize the deepest relaxation, needed inner power by mind-body is supported, mind-body renews itself and relaxes consciously. The relief achieved during this deep relaxation is more restful and high quality than a few hours of sleep at night. People who suffer from sleep problems, may start sleeping deep and uninterrupted after doing Gurudwara Yoga for some time. Besides the good quality sleep, the flexibility you gain will reflect on both your body and thoughts during the day.

To give examples of the basic benefits of Gurudwara Yoga  Studio that supports us to constitute this different and A New Life;

It protects our health, by preventing the problems that occurs because of stress on body and mind.

Yoga, relaxes you by increasing the blood circulation when your muscles get tense under stress. Concentrating on breathing deep and slow, decreases the heart beat, hence helps relaxation.  It helps strengthening the bones and joints; by strengthening and tightening all the major muscles and providing  balance, it brings strength, flexibility and willpower.

It provides detoxification of the body.

Regulates the body functions by massaging to visceral organs.

It develops self-confidence, provides inner-peace and moves away apprehension by balancing the mind and the feelings.

It provides us a peaceful, positive life with less anger and more tolerance.





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