"Death leaves everything behind which is not you and takes you,
Meditation takes everything which is not you and leaves you"

                                                    Nazmi Gür 

The purpose of meditation is to keep our mind in a peaceful and calmed state. When our mind is peaceful and calmed, it gets rid of unrest and worries so it becomes happy.

If our mind is not tranquil, being happy for real gets hard even though our life conditions are just fine. There is always something missing. There is always a posibilty of unhappiness after the moment of happiness. Even though our friends and people we love tell us that we are happy, we know inside that we are not happy and try to accept our situation.

When we meditate regularly we reach such a happiness that by purifying it more and more it gets persistent and when we encounter problems in our daily lifes and relations, we keep being peaceful. Meditating regularly gives us an inner clearness and depth which makes possible controlling the mind free from external effects.

In the long turn, instead of living with an unbalanced mind that needs reasons for being happy and keeps shifting between extreme excitements and despair; we learn how to keep our mind balanced and not to be affected by the swings, tides, confusions, losses(and gains), excitements and worries which will be there till the last days of our life. We learn what we should experience instead; uninterrupted and unreasoning happiness.


*What seperates Osho's technique from other meditation methods?

Osho's technique is created for modern people. It is very easy to perform for modern people like us. Because, today it is hard to find a tranquil place. Also our mind is always busy. There are a lot of information that keeps getting in. Life developes too fast. We have to learn new stuff to keep going. So this exhausts us. However, this was not the situation in Buddhist times. People could meditate wherever they wanted.

*How does the music and dance effect?

In this kind of meditation an intimate and a heartly approach brings the participants to the dephts of peace and silence. Because, we are so angry while living our daily lifes. We blame others for eveything that happens to us. In a nutshell, without beeing aware of it we might be doing everything to exaust ourselves and our bodies. Thanks to Osho techniques our body gets a chance to rest. You can check your problems with a cleared vision.


*Do you have to be in a specific place to meditate with this technique?

After all, this is what distinguishes Osho from other meditation experts. You don't have to live in mountains alone to meditate. The purpose of these techniques is to learn meditation and be able to apply in in your daily life.

*What is the method?

People don't really feel their bodies. When we hit our hand to somewhere and hurt it, we feel our hand because of the pain. We feel our body according to our pains. But what matters most is to be able to feel our body when we are healty. To be aware of our body makes the way to the meditation. The biggest difference of this meditation is that it makes us aware of this very moment. Because, our brains work by thinking about the past and the future. When we are living our daily lifes and when we are doing something we think about the things we have done in the past or we plan the future. However, it is crucial to be aware of the moment we are in. The meaning of meditation is to be aware of the moment that we are living. We only think about this moment when we are doing some specific things.

*What are those moments?

While we are eating, having a bath and working we do not think the past nor the future. We only think about that moment and nothing else. The same when we are eating. We just consantrate on that moment. So in a way, we are meditating. However, it is not the same when we go for a walk. Steping and walking pushes us to think. When we start to think about the past we should stop ourselves and try to think this moment. To do this, we should be aware of ourselves. It is not important to do meditation for one hour every day. To spread meditation to all our lifetime is what matters the most. Because of this meditation must be a part of our lifes.

*How can we learn to be aware of this moment?

It is important to let our habits go. The brain always talks. Because, it is so full. All the things we do are habits. So we have to change our habits.

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