Yoga Nedir?

What is Yoga?
Yoga is not a sport. It is also not a religion nor a political movement nor a dogma.

So what is Yoga?
It is an art of living and a science that aims to completely unite the inner structure and the universe together in all planes while respecting all cultures, beliefs and races. It contains spiritual, mental and physical diciplines.

The word "yoga" has many meanings in ancient Sanskrit language. It is derived from the Sanskrit word "yuj" which means "to control", "to conquer" or "to unify".

It can be translated to our language as "reunifying", "meeting", "unity", "encountering", "path", "way" and "method".

The person who follows the path of yoga is called yogi or yogini. Yogini is the female version of yogi.

Via path of Yoga, one unifies its microcosmic being with macrocosmos, by using the highest offerings of the universe and perfectly uses universal subtle energies. As a result of this unification, the person becomes able to find macrocosmos totaly in his/her microcosmos. Thus, in a minimized scale all the universe is felt inside the being. So it means that everything which exists in macrocosmos also exists in the microcosmos.

Yoga is the way of perfect balance and harmony which is the result of usage of movement and knowlegde at the same time.

It will teach the yogi how to move for a phsical and spiritual well-being and a balanced and active life. 

Thus, in that way the maturation process of the being will accelerate, the doors of real and absolute happiness will open. Existential maturation depends on harmony and balance of all assets of the being. The inner balance and harmony which is acquiered by yogic practices reveal a deep peace and infinite love in the being. Therefore, high consciosness is attained by the ascension.

Discovered thousands of years ago by ascended masters, yoga diciplines have gone through ages and still can solve present day problems.

Yoga is a certain way to overcome problems of our age such as daily stress, psychological disturbances, respiratory problems, reduction of bodily vigour, early ageing, some orthopedic diseases, psychosomatic illnesses, memory problems and so on.

The good part of it is that the yogi(ni) solves the problem by him/herself and this brings self-confidence along with awareness about his/her high leveled abilities. We know that nowadays many olimpic teams and especialy astronaut teams practice yoga. This shows us that yoga is admitted as a science and not only as a philosophical, physical and spiritual complex.

Yoga, gives the person an extraordinary viabilty by improving paranormal powers and attuning the body and mind perfectly to universal conditions.

With yoga practices fatigue and boredom is quickly abondened. A five minutes deep yogic relaxation(shavasana) can be more beneficial than hours of sleeping. Moreover, yoga hinders early aging of both mind and body.

A person who regularly practices yoga can extend his/her lifetime with a healthy, strong, dinamic body and consciousness...

Humankind posseses such a strong and perfect but complicated computer that it doesn't know how to use it : the brain... An average person uses only four percent of its potential. Yoga provides the highest control levels of brain activity and thus we learn how to use the most perfected part of ours.

When yoga is practiced regularly, unnecessary body fat is lost and by losing oedema the bodily weight comes to the needed amount of the body.

There is no age for yoga. People from every age can perform it. Experiences show that when a person is older yoga gets more effective and efficent. Because, when people mature they get more patient, they can listen more and they know more about life's realities by their experiences.

When practices done regularly and with determination the results come step by step, but they certainly come, regardless of age, religion, race and gender.

Yoga opens the doors of long and healty life by using methods like diet, inner purification, breath and mind control.

With yogic practices you can have these priceless values and advantages:

Obtaining a real and deep yogic relaxation in a very short time,

Having your physical body always remain young and vigorous,

Opening of nadis(subtle energy cannals going through body) and nervous paths,

Obtaining and extraordinary, perfect and superior inner harmony. Being balanced as an outcome of this harmony and reaching higher levels faster by a quickened maturation proccess as a result of this physical, mental and spiritual balance.

With or without knowing, the desire of all humans is reaching the eternal and real happiness. In fact, reaching this absolute happiness depends on being able to use owned gifts with full potential. Humanity will reach this happiness by satisfying its physical, mental and spritiual parts. A person who reaches this eternal happiness proves the rule that old masters and yogis mention : the real and permanent happiness doesn't rely on the principal of transience. Real happiness can only be reached by learning the divine roots that is found in self. This divine origin, this supreme truth has been called in many ways. We can only reach this truth by trancending our limited personality. 

According to the yogic science the mind and intellect should be perfectly developed and work in harmony, and the body should function in a suitable way to it.  Only a person on this level can trancend his boundries and reach eternal happiness by using his talents fully, perfectly and completely... He can do this by himself only.




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