As you see, breathing is not living. 

There were somethings not going well. There had to be an Alternative of this life. Until now, you run into rough paths but this compelling journey also made you discover what you want.  

While drifting with the flow, crashing the hurdles was causing you to lose the balance, becoming a rebel or insensitive.  

You kept asking “when is my turn?” by looking at healthy, peaceful, materially and morally richer people.  

From that moment on, when the shoots dragged and washed you up on the shore of ‘A New Life’, quality of the water has changed.  

When the base of your old life crackles; means it is time for change, sacrifice and building A New Life. 

Reaching A New Life; for all of us, expresses changing, transforming, passing to a totally new and conscious awareness state astoundingly. 

And now, it is time to get rid of extrajudicial executions about yourself. 

From now on, you will be dealing with cleaning, solving, healing every element, either inside you or your daily life, that cannot accompany you to A New Life. 

In the world, where the only unchanging thing is alteration itself; instead of cowering away from changes, you will learn to make it in your favour. 

You are going to realize that change is an exciting thing and a renewal. 


Then, welcome to A New Life! 

Welcome aboard and A New Life... 

With love

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