This programme is not for philosophy experts. It does not bring any innovation to them. The content of this programme gives a shout to anyone, whether highly trained or not; who deals with daily work and problems, does not want to give away self-thinking during facing the positive and negative changes, do not hesitate to try solving the mystery of life and asking oldest questions of humankind over again. 

From the day humanity exists, people’s fear, curiosity, seeking have never ended. A river flowing into the wisdom ocean can be mentioned -which we can call ‘Gurundriß’ (baseline) unpretentiously- that is growing not by changing but by transforming and maturating along all this written and unwritten existence; even the geographical borders and contributions to social structures, languages, religions, cultures have changed. 

Therefore, throughout these lessons, we will plunge into water of ‘Metaphysics’ (beyond the physics) by the mystery of existence; ‘Ontology’ (knowledge of existence) by all the entity; ‘Logic’ by true-thinking and seeking the truth; ‘Ethic’ by proper behaviour; ‘Epistemology’ by the limits of knowing and knowledge; ‘Esthetics’ by searching for beauty. Starting date of this this programme, which will last for 5 years in academic calendar, for the education and training year of 2016-2017 is 8th October 2016 and our first lesson is on 8th October 2016, Saturday. 

Lessons are held on every Saturday, between 17.00-20.00 excluding the public holidays and exceptional days determined by the Academy. 

The new education year has started for the fellow travellers and new friends recommended by them. 

Responsibility of respect to teachers and teachings includes decent carefulness about lesson schedule and payments. Decency; includes understanding of discipline and care as an inseparable part of the creed too. 



About Alternative Life Academy(ALA) 

Alternative Life Academy, found in 1988, has taken; providing, maintaining and enhancing a free environment that ensures both students and teachers to participate in education and information production at highest levels, as a mission.  

For our understanding, community of ALA is not only formed of students, but also teachers, graduates, parents, employees and people who make common cause and settled around the academy. It encourages tolerance, love and respect between people who have had different lifestyles, beliefs and thoughts for years. It aims forming a cultural and scientific community within the frame of contemporary universal values and strong rooted local values; and creating strong bonds with relevant parts of the society at the same time. 

According to ALA philosophy, education/teaching must be very well structured for “individuals who are curious, continuously learning and able to use the knowledge, able to solve problems” to be raised. In ALA, which we formed with this notion; it is aimed for students to actively play roles within the learning process –in lesson medium, in the Academy, in life fluency- with the approaches of “education through investigation”, “learning by generation” and “active learning” in our education programmes in which learning and problem solving will be taught. Because we know that, the more the students ask questions, discuss, try, observe, attend the teamwork; the more they take the opportunity of learning properly and lastingly. Thus, they become more aware of themselves, know themselves better and be themselves. In this manner, they can contribute to life as individuals who have the sense of that much responsibility.  

And now, to make all these come to realize, we are together with our “Timeless Lessons in Time” in this year too.

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