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Karma Yoga


Karma Yoga is firstly described in Ishavasya Upanishad, which is one of the most important ten Upanishads.

Additionally, it is overall mentioned in Bhagavad Gita.

Karma; as it means attitude, movement, action, doing in Sanskrit language.

The law of karma, indicates that every action has a reason and a result. As is known these two are related each other.

Karma yoga, which aims enlightening by displaying actions and achieving spiritual freedom and peace by doing actions without rubbing it anybody’s face, is also accepted as a straight way to serve a purpose.

In karma yoga, mentioned person does the right actions focused on results, and aims becoming whole with god without considering himself, fully purified from selfishness. Briefly, it can be considered as service without any reward.

Karma as a word, symbolise “behaviour” and yoga symbolise “unity”. From this aspect, Karma Yoga means achieving unity by actions and attitude.

If the one does duty that he is responsible for, keenly and carefully; then he achieves the aim of Karma Yoga.

It is not the action that designates your spirituality. This need to be well-understood. Indeed, you can find lots of stories about this within discipline. A woman can be an ordinary prostitute or an incredible ave. The reason behind this, is not the actions that are done but the behaviour that exhibited.

Your behaviour depends on you and you can change them however you want. No-one can force you for any attitude. People can only affect your acts. But still you are the one who decides how to act and right behaivours helps you to purify with Karma Yoga.

We have chance to choose. We have free-will and our responsibility starts whenever we realize it. We exist here to help, improve and to communicate each other.

In Gurudwara Ashram, an irreplaceable station of the journey we go on together, there are workshops done with you and your friends’ participation, aren’t they? You should be remembering the contributions of these works to your life and the support of our tenderhearted, modest teachers to your journey…

The people have to struggle with tough difficulties of their journeys from the first day. Their spirit also changes with every difficulty in this tough journey where the durability is tested every day.

If you want to indicate your satisfaction of yourself or your friends, have a desire to mediate your emotion of gratitude; you can contribute to our fellow travellers you have never seen or maybe don’t even know their names, get support in Gurudwara Ashram, where you find peace even only with its existence, a harbor to rest when you are in there or even without being there.

It is in your hands to clean a part of your Karma with the contributions you make,  to walk on the path of enlightment and to get purified with Karma Yoga.

May the divine grace be with you.

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