For practising tentative psycic work with bioenergy, there is need for powerful desire, will and talent. In addition, if we have a basic essential information about it, we can get a successful result. The results of these studies -which should be done with patience, commitment and knowledge- lay a burden on individual.  

What is Bioenergy?

The meaning for the word “bioenergy” is the natural energy. The science verify that human organism is not only phsycially formed of molecules. As in the whole universe, it has an energy field. 

There is a constant vibration and undervoltage electromagnetic flux inside the body. This electromagnetic flux; is not restricted by the pysical human body. By this, a flow can be generated from one to another. This electromagnetic flux; the Bioenergic Flow, is not limited with human beings as well. 

In a healthy body, there is no place for negative energy. If there is a problem at a site of the body; that part starts to produce negative energy. More precisely, there forms a communication gap between that part of the body and the brain. For this reason; we shouldn’t break the bond with brain’s opinion and configuration section, that keeps up the whole body.

We call bioenergy as “Prana” in Sanskrit; which means power of life, that is the energy of life preserves the well-being and holds the body alive and fresh. 

Japanese name this mysterious energy as “KI”, while it is “CHI” for Chinese, “PREVMA” for Greek, “MANA” for Polish and “RUAH” for Hebrew.

The science apprehensibly proves the existence of bioenergy and its relation with the health and well-being of physical body, according  to the scientific experiments ruled by distinguished scientists.

In other words, the space does not exist as we percieve it. It is just an illusion of our senses. We are all a part of giant ocean of energy and actually nothing keeps you apart of any other thing. The seperation you see, is just an illusion of five senses you have. Whole ‘space’ is full of energy, the same energy that forms you and all the other things. Your senses of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling are insufficient to recognise lots of other different kinds and frequencies of forms in the universe. 

Einstein and following other quantum scientists, as a result of lots of experiments that they established the arguement in their hypothesis; proved that all the pysical matterials, including the human body, are made of energy packs unincorporated of space and time.

Semian Kirlian, a precious Russian scientist, showed the colorful lighted energy field around the human’s, animal’s and plant’s physical bodies by a method he found, taking pictures with an ultra-sensitive camera.

The technique which visualizes this energy field is called Kirlian Photography. Energy field(aura) penetrates the visible physical body and spreads out 8-10 cm from the surface of the skin. Experiments of Kirlian photography, revealed the unhealthy energy within the energy field of body(aura), before the diseases appear in physical body. 

How does Bioenergy Works?

Our body’s most general function is to work as a trasformator. We describe our energy centers as Chakras, which transform subtile sources like feelings, thoughts; and materials like air, water, sunlight, food from different roots or frequencies, into life energy we need. 

Chakras come into play in the first place to generate the life energy we need and to stay in proper communication with the energy ocean that surrounds us. Chakras that manage hormone producing endocrine glands, are also responsible for carrying out the functions of organs completely and healthily at the site where they are located. 

The negative energy, shows up in the energy bodies before it appears in physical body; firstly weakens, perforates, tears the aura and then inhibits the proper circulation of energy by blocking the body’s energy doors, so called energy centers(Chakras). 

Blockage of chakras or their irregular activity, leads to slowing down or completely ceasing of the glands at their control areas. After that, with deterioration of system balance, the period of imbalance is experienced. This period is followed by impairment of health; the formed negative energies at a site, later burst as physical or mental health problems at that site. 

Why is Bioenergy Good for All Illnesses?

Science also proved that there are no limitations of mind. Someone’s thoughts and feelings effects one’s life energy so much. And in turn, this explains clearly the reason why 90% of all physical or psycological health problems are based on mental reasons. 

The remaining 10% is a matter of genetics(related with karma) or environmental factors. For this reason; Bioenergy Therapy, that is supported by a holistic(totalitarian) universe pattern, is holistic and deals with the whole body during the healing process. With this aspect, it is an incredible therapy method. 

At bioenergy sessions, while working with the whole body, more time is spared for the complained part. As a result, Bioenergy Therapy, in other words Healing Therapy, removes all present or newly forming disorders (system irregularities) and helps to regain one’s health.  

Briefly, working area of healing is never limited with symptomatic parts or the current disorders.

Healing (Bioenergy Therapy) is a balancing procedure for the whole body. 

How is proctection of health ensured by Bioenergy Therapy? 

With Bioenergy therapies, apart from solving existing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual problems; protection from potential problems are accepted more important and leading.

Perfect health is not the condition of being not ill.

Even we are not ill, anything that causes us to get angry; increases our blood pressure, makes our trombocytes stickier, increases our chance to get cardiovascular diseases or cancer. If we are feeling worried about anything and under-stress, our body starts to secrete adrenalin and cortisone. When we calm down or relaxed we start to secrete VALYUM??? If we are having fun, we secrete some other hormones.

In other words, our body constantly transforms our feelings into molecules. Our thoughts and feelings effects our biology. 

Desired thing for people is to never get sick. A disease is formed by accumulation of negative energy frequencies in the body and starting an anarchic movement at their sites, gaining dominance in that organ or system, hence causing failure of the system. 

In this respect, it shouldn’t be allowed for negative energy to accumulate and increase to the level that causes diseases. According to universal rules,  it is recommended for conscious people -who has no disease and accepts self as heallthy- to take a positive energy session periodically. By this way, negative energy accumulated in body is discharged, body balance and chord are corrected.  

These protective sessions are enforced once in a week, a month, three months, or at the latest six months according to one’s choice.  Just as the need for someone consulting dentist for the control of mouth and teeth health, before loses the teeth, get care and repairment done at least once in six months. 

Extreme importance should be placed for these protective bioenergy sessions. Because it is impossible to avoid from the influences of environmental pollution factors.

 How is Bioenergy Therapy Practiced?

Only one thing is needed for someone to get bioenergy therapy: acceptance of Bioenergist's help, sincerely and clearly by self. 

When therapy attendant's thoughts, habits, admissions are engaged in practice, it inconveniences Bionergist's work. So, the work requires strong desire for healing, devotion, extraordinary effort and participation in process for someone who wants healing. Otherwise, no one can reach to a person who does not want to be helped. In this respect, Bioenergy Therapy should be perceived as a team work...

Therapy is held as sessions in changing quantities according to one's needs. One session is approximately 35-60 minutes. In a suitable study room, bioenergist pumps positive energy from palms, over the one's body's chosen centers, who lies back on bioenergy bed to get healed. By this way, negative energy blockages, that act in direction of imbalancing the system, are scraped off, dissolved from the site they sit and ensured to be thrown out of the body. Thus, the body rebuilds its natural and healthy system. 

During the therapy, bioenergist offers models of thought according to one's mental body's needs for continuation of healing.These models of thought, which are completely favourable and matters necessarily to get a result, are one's duties that should absolutely be fulfilled on the way to heal.

Please, get an appointment for all Bioenergy sessions.

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