As we cultivate meditative self-awareness, we gradually proceed from the exterior to the interior self-identification of consciousness—identifying first with the body, then with prana, then with many layers of mind, one after another, and finally, with pure consciousness alone. As the yogis say, “See all of consciousness, and your body is included.”

 —Swami Rama

As a young man I thought I had perfected myself and that I didn’t need any further teaching or study. I felt there was no swami in India as advanced as I because I seemed to be more intellectually knowledgeable than others, and I was myself teaching many swamis.

When the posture is steady, the body is still and comfortable, and you are breathing diaphragmatically, the next step is breath awareness—observing the flow of your breath.

The word “guru” is misused. It is such a noble word, such a wonderful word, a sacred word. After your mother has given birth to you, and your parents have raised you, then the role of the guru begins and he helps you fulfill the purpose of your life.

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