"Whatever you are ready for is also ready for you."
Nazmi Gür

This door is for seekers.
If you are not one of those seekers there will be no reason for you to be here.
It is possible for the seeker to understand his/her purpose of life by following a path which will be able to help his/her search in life.
And all the teachings insist for you to find a Master, Teacher, Guru before you attempt to search.
Because he/she will be there to help and support you.
All the teachings have realized this truth.

It can't be found by seeking but the one's who find are seekers.
You will be torn apart during the search but He/She will be there to encourage you and to give you hope.
He/She will be there to interpret the new to you.
It is the meaning of the Master: To interpret which can not be interpretted, to point at which can not be told, to show which can not be expressed.

The master will design new methods and find new paths for you, to keep you going your way.
Otherwise, you can get scared and give up your search.
For these reasons Buddha says : "Fortunate is the man who has found a Master."

Master is the door to the divine. A door which does not hinder you and opens to home. A door you may pass through.

Yes, this is what a Master, Teacher or a Guru is : the Door.

Therefore, this place is called Gurudwara.

Which means "The Door of the Master". 


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